Our services are designed to help accelerate the identification and validation of biomarkers so they are more readily and reliably included as part of diagnostic and drug development programmes. Please see below for more details.

Funding and Collaboration for Diagnostics and Drug Developers

A company developing a novel detection technology sought funding and collaboration opportunities to enable the discovery of promising potential biomarkers utilizing their technology. More than just raising funding, they were interested in forging strategic partnerships that could help develop a healthy ecosystem around their technology.

Medbiomarkers sourced relevant funding opportunities which also included the need to form a consortium to encourage multi-organizational cross-disciplinary collaboration. Once a relevant funding opportunity to pursue was decided, MedBiomarkers worked with the company to draft a core concept, attract relevant consortium partners (including a pharmaceutical partner) and help coordinate the writing of the funding application and project planning. A lead model consortium was developed between the partners with Medbiomarkers to lead in the data management component of consortium. A grant application was submitted which was led by Medbiomarkers team and now further funding is also being sought.

"Breath of fresh air. The Medbiomarkers team instantly understood our growth challenges and got to work in creatively finding ways of funding future growth and developing a strong network of partners to increase exposure and application of our technology. Fingers crossed on the success of the applications we have made together."

Biomarker Panel development

A molecular diagnostics laboratory was engaged in the early stages of new product development for a genetic test that could expand their portfolio of tests for a new clinical area. Aware of the general market opportunity for the potential test, they were seeking a list of the best potential genetic biomarkers to include in a panel test. Previously, they had worked with expensive service providers to provide such a report and were intrigued whether we could really practically halve this aspect of their R&D cost while providing a similar level of quality.

MedBiomarkers carefully noted down and outlined the client's requirements which it used to plug into its data platform. Utilizing a combination of public and private sources of information a ranked list of the most promising biomarkers was generated. The MedBiomarkers team then quality controlled this list and made manual annotations before presenting it to the client. The client was able to quickly process the report and do some internal quality control checks before moving on to the next phase of test development and validation.

"Very impressive turnaround time and quality. Considering how much of a cost saving they were able to provide compared to previous vendors we used, we'll certainly be using them for future tests we may be interested in developing."

Biomarker IP strategy and Review

A molecular diagnostics company was considering whether to license a claimed Biomarker from university tech transfer as it had the potential to integrate well with their clinical area focus for the early detection of a potentially lethal condition. However, they were unfamiliar with the biology and market landscape for the specific condition and wanted assistance evaluating whether the claimed biomarker and market opportunity were promising and worth their company's investment for further development.

The MedBiomarkers team used a combination of its in house data tools and multidisciplinary expertise to present both a detailed summary and analysis of the biology and market opportunity surrounding the claimed biomarker. The diagnostics company was able to practically use MedBiomarkers report and presentation to make an informed decision on whether to pursue a licensing deal with the university.

"The MedBiomarkers report on the biomarker of interest was instrumental in helping us decide whether to license a potentially promising technology. The time saved and expertise provided was very valuable. We'll be using their services again in future for evaluating which potential biomarkers to make further investments in."